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Wedding and Event Planning

Our experienced personnel provide expert services in interior design and planning of artistic events. Our objective is excellence in the technical aspects, and in emotional support for the couple. The entire coordinating process simplifies your planning tasks and events throughout the special day, for celebration of a smooth and peaceful ceremony, free of doubts and anxieties, and in full enjoyment of the moment.

Wedding Day Coordination

For those who have already made substantial progress in choosing professionals and defining their celebration style, we offer management backup and team coordination to guarantee the full success of the event. We'll double-check that your suppliers are informed of every specification, deadline and execution time. We'll direct the backstage to your show, and be ready for any emergency.

Banquets and Catering

Tuscany is a land where 'living well' is synonymous with 'eating well', and where foods derive from traditional culture - but Tuscan production also provides the perfect ingredients for modern dishes and the most inventive contemporary cuisines. The staff of Divina Fortezza Weddings is here to help you with your catering choices. Our management, kitchen and service staff are all professionals, with long experience in providing the highest levels of service, including for very large open-air events.

The Setting

Given the importance of their events, our guests demand perfection in every detail. Furnishings, lighting, flowers, fabrics and objects all require study and selection, for the overall creation of ambience, as well as the services of the bomboniere table, confetti corner, and photography. Thanks to our long experience in design and wedding planning, we can develop your aesthetic conception and implement the 'stage-setting' just as you desire, including provision of any tensile structures to shelter the event from summer heat or inclement weather.

Florist Services

Our Fortezza is a place where stone and historic brick are infused by the changing light, from sunrise to sunset, in contrasts and tones painted by nature. But the communication of personal messages also depends on flowers, offering symbolic communication of love, romance, thankfulness and decorative beauty. Flowers are extremely important. They speak of individuals, their essences, their loves and passions; they offer perfumes and colours that all can share, bestowing beauty and elegance on every corner of your ceremony.

Video and Photography

The Fortezza offers superb settings for photography and video recording: the great lawn, the hallway, the main hall, the castle walls, and the archaeological-historic lodgings. Nearby is the church of San Lucchese, with its endless surrounding vineyards. On request, we will assist you in finding the right photographer who best suits your needs, making the most of your figure and the marvellous landscapes of Tuscany: the best that Italy has to offer.

Music, Entertainment

Every special event demands music suited to the occasion. Music sets a friendly tone, intensifies emotions, moves us to laughter and dance. The choices depend on the personalities involved and their sense of occasion, and can range from classical music to jazz, modern bands, DJs or soloists. Medieval or Renaissance music could be especially suitable, given the setting of the Fortezza. Let us know your preferences and we will assist you in finding the perfect choices.

Period Costume Rental

Our Renaissance garments, offered in rental, are tailored in fabrics that are dyed and decorated in period style, and are designed for the couple, the serving staff, the wedding party, children, or even all the guests. The service includes fittings and adjustments at the hands of professional tailors. Thanks to our expertise, this service can be extended to the day of the special event, with provision of 'real time' adjustments as the individual guests receive their garments.


Our coordinators are ready to assist you in booking the finest accommodations from the offers surrounding Fortezza di Poggio Imperiale, from hotels, villas, manor houses, to the excellent system of 'agriturismi'. The guarantee of local lodging eases logistics and ensures comfort and pleasure through all the days of the special occasion. With a longer stay you'll gain lasting impressions of the enchanting lands of Tuscany.

Guided Archaeological Tours

One of the unique possibilities for entertaining guests at the Fortezza di Poggio Imperiale is the offer of guided tours of the 'Archeodromo': the marvellous reconstruction of a medieval village situated precisely on the site of a former noble longhouse. Around the main house, once the centre of feudal agricultural operations, are reconstructions of the humble homes of workers, and the shelters for crop storage and processing. The site and guides offer a return to the past, in the times of Charlemagne.

A 'Time Travel' Honeymoon

Our coordinators offer a selection of exclusively planned voyages to destinations of particular beauty and interest, designed in cooperation with historians and archaeologists. We call these the 'Time Travel honeymoons': journeys specifically constructed to transport you to other times, and offer enriching cultural and sensory experiences. Giovanna Grassini, our exclusive representative from 'CartOrange Travel Specialists' is ready and waiting to listen to your ideas and transform them, with you, into a complete plan: a unique voyage, suited to your own interests, expectations and budget.

Here are a few ideas, ready for personalisation:
  • Greece - The Discovery of the Myth
  • Oman - The 'Perfume Road'
  • Jordan - Land of Royal Routes
  • Uzbekistan - The Silk Road
  • Ethiopia - In Search of the Great Ark
  • China - Land of Ten Thousand Landscapes
  • Peru - The Gold of the Incas
  • France - In search of the Holy Grail

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